Since starting the Makombeh Foundation in 2007, it has helped more than two hundred children in Sierra Leone to a better future by offering them primary education and thus preparing them for secondary school. Currently, 200 boys and girls (4-12 years) are in education and the foundation manages 6 classrooms (+ 1 office), 4 toilets, 1 playing field and employs 8 teachers. In addition, the foundation finances teaching materials, uniforms and offers micro credit programs for parents improving their life circumstances. In 2018, 3 new classrooms were built and the well in the village was restored. This means that children can get clean drinking water and they no longer have to walk the mile-long journey to the swamp to get water for the family.

The main task of the Makombeh foundation is to finance and advise the school, the teachers and the students. The foundation strives for a strong school with a high quality of teaching, taught by qualified teachers. Two assistant teachers are currently being trained to become certified teachers. The school is co-run by the community itself, with mothers cooking food for the children in the afternoons.

Thanks to the efforts of the local community and the selfless efforts of the board, the foundation has no overheads and all financial resources go to the school. In 2020 the school will enter the 13th school year.

If you would like to support the foundiation, you can make a contribution to:

NL60 RABO 0106124153 at the attention of the Makombeh Foundation.

We are very thankful for your support!

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